Linen products are naturally easily wrinkled and hard to iron. Linen is a natural material processed without chemical procedures which creates its unique features.

  • linen is the only material in the world which becomes more beautiful with years,
  • washing makes it smoother, softer, and more beautiful,
  • due to its low elasticity, it does not change its shape, it is resistant to abrasion and heat,
  • it has thermoregulatory capabilities – it warms in winter and cools in summer,
  • hypoallergenic, antibacterial.

Linen is environmentally friendly and its fibres are recyclable and biodegradable. The fibres contain oils which protect our skin. Less pesticides and fertilizers are used to grow linen in comparison with other crops. It is highly breathable and absorbs moisture.

Care for fabric

  • wash by hand or in washing machine on gentle cycle or in cold water,
  • lay or hang flat to dry,
  • use gentle liquid detergent and do not use chemical stain remover,
  • add vinegar to avoid colour fading (add 50ml to the powder),
  • iron if desired.

Never clean the stain on the sling separately. You might damage the sling colour and the stain will be more visible.

We recommend washing a sling according to instructions before it is used for the first time. A new sling is very hard and shapeless. However, while being used, it will change its structure. This process can be quickened if the sling is ironed or threaded, the fabric is moved through the rings, or you use a short programme in a dryer for cold/gently warm programme (a sling has to be dry!).


Sewing is very important part of sling creation and handy hands are needed throughout the production from the beginning to the end. First, the fabric is cut to a particular size and blended with chosen colour. We use high quality European threads for blending. Then the sling is dyed and we sew again – we choose rings, put our logo and maintenance label on the sling which completes it and our ZOYA is created now. With our sling, you get a piece of our heart and personal moment from the life of a creative soul which was dedicated to something which she loves and is persuaded about. Our slings are sewn by mothers for mothers.


We dedicate a lot of attention to every sling during dyeing. It is amazing time full of adventure, expectations as well as doubts when fabric is changed to something alive. To achieve the best possible colour shades, we dye every sling individually. Through this process the colour becomes part of fabric and they create beautiful unity. The structure of linen is specific and delicate cosmetic imperfections on the fabric create its unique look. Our slings are dyed using high quality textile colours with one-hundred-year tradition.