Ring Sling is the easiest way how to have your baby close to you all the time while having free hands. Fabric is flexible and easy to handle. Due to its length, it never touches the floor while threading. In a very short time, you will have free hands and a satisfied baby. You only need to get some practice and experience which can be easily gained through active carrying. Every mum can be a professional. For better imagination watch our VIDEOS.

Undoubtedly! Correct carrying is beneficial also for your baby. Being in the slings makes your baby calmer, it relieves from effects of reflux, hip joints are developed better, the bond between parent and child is strengthened, and lactation is supported. Moreover, we should not forget the amazing feature of Ring Sling carrying – even the babies who do not want to sleep, fall asleep in the sling (but there are some exceptions, of course). Follow our safety instructions and VIDEOS all the time.

Immediately. Your baby should weigh at least 3.5kg for babies born on time. You should consult your doctor before slinging a baby born prematurely and wait for a few weeks. Please consult your doctor also in case of various respiratory problems or other health problems.

Till you and your baby feel comfortable. Slings can be used for toddlers up to 15kg.

All the necessary information can be found in our VIDEOS.

Sure! Please describe your problem, attach a photo/video and send it to hello@linenzoya.com.

You get a protective cotton cover with every sling automatically. The sling in this cover does not take a lot of space so you can have it with you everywhere – at home, in a car, in a pram, while you are shopping, visiting friends or seeing your doctor.

All the necessary information about washing and maintenance can be found HERE.

The length of a sling is app. 190-200cm. Fabric which will not be used depends on your size. It fits all the sizes XS-L.

Slings are delivered worldwide.

Orders are sent 1-2 days after receiving an order (in case of higher demand, delivery time can be slightly longer). The delivery company is responsible for the length of the shipment. The length of transport depends on the country of delivery.

You can find more HERE.